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FAQ for Kritton 0.4 - also the default index.html

What is it?

Kritton is a webserver , or HTTP daemon. It enables you to share information with other people , as you can create
your own server. Kritton is one of the fastest and most compact daemons out there , but it's features are not that poor.
Of course, it is a classical, fork()ing webserver, but that doesn't make it slow - it's actually much faster than most of
the other fork() ing webservers!

Where can i  get it?

You can get the latest version directly from the homepage , http://kritton.sourceforge.net  . You can also contact 'biller143'
in Yahoo! Chat  for more information. It is avaliable in a tarball format  in the time being.

What plattforms does it work on?

So far , only POSIX systems are supported. All Linux distributions are covered.  Ports for Windows will not be avaliable. However,
you are encouraged to port it yourself . Most ports will be accepted (unless they lack security or important features that the
UNIX version has) ,but will not be mainaitened . Kritton however sticks to standards where possible, so it is likely to run
on other platforms too - just try it !

Is it fast?

Yes. Kritton is pretty fast because of its  compact and speed-oriented design. During the coding process , speed was
the primary concern ( many times in favor of features ).  Response times are very small and they are not artificial ( although
this is possible with a few code hacks).

You mentioned security eariler , is it secure?

Nothing can ever be completely secure. Therefore no one can guarantee that Kritton is completely secure. However , it is believed
that Kritton is on the safe side , as no exploits were found before a bug-fixing version was out. If however you see that you found
a bug or anything similar , simply send a bug report and it will get fixed within the next couple of weeks if it is serious, and perhaps
in a couple of days if it's something that doesn't require major code changes.

Is there any warranty or techincal support?

No. Absolutely no guarantee is provided , so use it at your own risk. There is also no user support , although you could
contact the author (pandisv@yahoo.co.uk) and see if he can help you , but he preserves the right not to.
However, documentation is avaliable  , and it would be a good source of information if you happen to
be in trouble.

How popular is it?

Not at all. This is mainly because Kritton has not been promoted. Kritton is currently under active development
so there is absolutely no advertisment . Now that Kritton passed to the Beta stage, its popularity will promptly increase.

How does it handle many concurrent requests?

Pretty good. Kritton was forced to handle thousands of requests per second from localhost and it performed quite well.  Of course the
speed wasn't as it is when it is under low load but it didn't crash and everything worked very well.

I would like to use Kritton,but I'm worried if all the mime types I need are supported.

Kritton is one of the richest webservers in this area. It features 550 mime types , but can be
(optionally) compiled to support only 164 in case you want to have the maximum efficiency.  Generally speaking
try it , and if you see that a mime type is not supported email pandisv@yahoo.co.uk  with the file extension you want
to be supported. The next version will probably have it .

Under what license is the source code avaliable?

The source code was recently put under the GNU GPL license  and therefor Kritton is free software .
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

How much will Kritton cost me?

Kritton will not cost you anything! Kritton comes at zero price, and under the GNU GPL ( see above).
Therefore, you can simply download Kritton from its homepage and use it. Of course, you can always
donate something if you feel like it =o) !